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Why is Dexter Beef Better?

Have you wondered in the past exactly why is Dexter Beef better?  Better in terms of taste, better to farm, and even better for the environment?

Allow us to explain – as farmers of organic Dexter Beef […]

Better Homes & Gardens Meets Wymah

Recently, I was very excited to be approached by the team behind Better Homes & Gardens Australia.  They were planning a special focused on the mighty Murray River, and were looking for farms in the area to include.

I was happy to have them (naturally!) and hosted host Johanna Griggs and chef Karen Martini at […]

Consumer Demand Confirms Organic Farming is No Longer a Niche

From article published in NSW Farmers website blog, Oct 2019.


THIRD-GENERATION farmer Stuart Larsson was greeted with puzzled looks and the occasional “hippie” reference when he ventured into organic farming more than 20 years ago.

Today, he and wife Katina are the proud creators of Mara Seeds, a diverse 3,240-hectare family enterprise […]

Why Organic Farming?

Why Do I Grow the Organic Way?

The Short Answer?

I can’t see any valid reason in doing it any other way.

The Long Answer? 

This is my reasoning – others will say it another way, but this is how I see it.

Like a human being defined by skin, the planet is a finite […]

Why caring for land matters

We provide a standard that can be marked and measured. You know you are getting an honest organic product assessed and verified.

When you eat or use organic products you know you are caring too – caring for your family, your friends, yourself and our small finite planet.

Our 500 ewes and their lambs are […]

Succulent Organic Lamb

Why do people love our succulent lamb? Because it just tastes so delicious. Organic farming practices bring out the best. It’s all to do with our care for our animals. And you enjoy the benefits!

Have you ever noticed that very yummy things are also often good for you? I have also noted they need […]