Why are we organic?

Because We Care!

We care for the long life of our soil, our animals, the native animals, our trees, our birds, our water gifted to the Murray River.

Our Olives grown among the old River Red gums along contours. This way we save water usage, water runoff and erosion.

Why caring for land matters

Because we care, we provide a standard that can be marked and measured. You know you are getting an honest organic product assessed and verified

When you eat or use organic products you know you are caring too – caring for your family, your friends, yourself and our small finite planet

Our 500 ewes and their lambs are cared for: We are humane in approach the care of our animals No rounding up with dogs -Our Maremma dogs guard our sheep from predators

Our sheep graze by rotation to simulate herd movements in the wild. This minimises gut worm infections and provides more native pasture which minimal fertiliser needs

Our 3000 Olives are cared for: Our olive trees are pruned to a sane human picking height and fertilised by animal wastes
The orchards are mowed in a way that allows the good and the bad bugs to continue their battles in our favour
We optimise the carbon storage by mulching prunings and grasses
We handpick and hand process. We employ rather than find a new machine to do the tasks

So, you know we care. We do our best with the weather as it comes. This means you can enjoy Wymah Organic Olive and Lamb products as their tastiest BEST!

Succulent Organic Lamb

Why do people love our succulent lamb? Because it just tastes so delicious. Organic farming practices bring out the best. It’s all to do with our care for our animals. And you enjoy the benefits!

Delicious Olives

Why does the flavour literally burst out of our olives? Because we grow them with the best time honoured methods of sustainable farming. The goodness is infused! You’ll love them.