Succulent Organic Lamb

Why do people love our succulent lamb? Because it just tastes so delicious. Organic farming practices bring out the best. It’s all to do with our care for our animals. And you enjoy the benefits!

Have you ever noticed that very yummy things are also often good for you? I have also noted they need less embellishment and allow a simpler cooking experience.

Organic farming practices bring out the best of complex flavours in anything grown, be it plant or animal. The organisms in the soil provide more complex flavours to the food.  Pasture fed also means there of heaps of good fats (rather than others) in the meat.  This is marked when you compare grass fed and feed lot lamb, but can also be noted in grain ‘finished’ stock.

It’s all to do with care for our animals. And we all enjoy the benefits!  It’s a pleasure to see the stock in good health as it is a pleasure to observe the meat they provide us with, and to taste it of course.

Mary Done

Wymah Organics Owner and Certified Organic Farmer

Delicious Olives

Why does the flavour literally burst out of our olives? Because we grow them with the best time honoured methods of sustainable farming. The goodness is infused! You’ll love them.