Table Olives

Naturally fermented, our table olives are special to us, hand picked and immediately settled in brine so that they retain a crisp freshness you will enjoy.

The olives are stored in drums to debitter, a process that takes time. This old method has been practiced in various forms around the Mediterranean for centuries. How long depends on olive variety, colour and the weather conditions before picking. It can take from several months to two years.

So, what you enjoy is the seasonal variation nature provides plus our patience in getting them ‘just right’.

The final stage of preparing our table olives is to put them into pasteurised containers, allowing for the olives to be produced plain or with dried garlic and herbs. The herbs are per-dried for safety reasons.

The plain products are gluten free. Fresh herbs can be added to these for immediate use.

Food Service

  • Individual needs in jars of 300g: Sold at Farmers Markets and in Fine Food Stores
  • A box of 12 to share with friends: Available online
  • 2 kg tubs for caterers and those who eat olives daily
  • 4 -10 kg tubs for caterers plus larger sizes to order
  • Wholesales of per-pasteurised 60 Kg drums available on request

The Oils

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is mainly derived from our Frantoio olives which have a sweet, nutty flavor and delicate aroma.
Early season pressings are sharper and have a more peppery back-taste.

Later pressings are softer and less robust in the back-taste.
They are ideal for daily use, drizzled on steamed vegetables, salads, fresh toast and stirred into freshly cooked pasta or rice.

OLIVE OIL IS NOT AVAILABLE YEAR ROUND.  To stay in the loop about olive oil releases, we recommend following our FACEBOOK PAGE.

If you’d like to view our 2021 lab results, please click HERE.

By using a small amount of olive oil on any sandwich, wrap or foccacia you bring a lift to simple daily food and discard the use of butter or margarine’s.

Sold in:

  • 250 ml bottles
  • 1 L casks
  • 1L, 2 L and 4L easy to use bag in box style containers
  • 20L containers

Infused Oil

This year we offer a limited quantity of Lime Infused Oil. Sweet and delightful, great in any place you use olive oil. Especially good when served with pure olive tapenade.

The oils are provided in 250 ml stylish bottles.

The Tapenades (olive paste)

The pure olive paste is gluten free but packed with flavour.

Whist the word tapenade originally referred to olive paste with capers and anchovies, it has now come to refer to olive pastes in general. Wymah Tapenades are suitable for children as well as adults.

Tapenades are great with capers or chopped sundried tomatoes.

They can be used as a dip, on toast as a snack, stirred into pasta or rice after cooking, Go creative or use as it is.

A spoonful next to a good piece of meat embellishes a simple meal.

Place on the top of a home made pizza just out of the oven, provides an olive flavour without damaging the subtle taste of the olive.

Bruschetta’s can be a creative brunch.

Serving suggestion: Tapenade stirred into gently cooked mushrooms. Add Wymah Organic Moroccan Tapenade, pepper to taste and serve with toast.

Wymah Organic Plain Paste can be eaten as it is or added to any crisp vegetable, long slices of veggies can be used to replace bread when used as a dip.Wymah Organic Paste is great with lemon zest and a dash of olive oil and lemon juice. It is absolute heaven with Wymah Organic Lime Infused Oil.

Quality Management

Wymah Organic Table Olives and Tapenades are prepared on farm in our Certified Organic Olive Unit.

Our Oil is pressed at a local Oil Press that meets all certification guidelines.

In addition, we fulfil all policies and practices expected by the NSW Health Authority. We are accredited by the AOA, and we support and practice the quality management recommendations of the AOA.