Quick Recipes

Three tapenade dips for pre-dinner nibbles
Serve with dipping oil, table olives slices of raw
vegetables, cheese and fresh bread

1 Pure Paste as a dip
Moisten with lemon/lime and zest grated from the
citrus. Add garlic, pepper and parsley and olive oil
to taste.
Refrigerate for 30 minutes before serving

2 Dried Tomato Moroccan
Serve as it is or add olive oil and fresh pepper

3 Moroccan Paste
Add chopped fresh tomatoes or cooled fried
Quick Dukka – Make your own!
Dukkas can be made of spices, nuts, dried
tomatoes and dried olives. A quick example is
almond meal, Cajun spice- mix to taste with a small
dash of pepper. Serve with cut bread, and Extra
Virgin Olive Oil

Other Tips
Tapenades can be served

• on toast as a snack
• stirred into pasta or casseroles
• grill upturned mushrooms filled with Moroccan tapenade
•used in wraps
•use as a pizza base
• alongside grilled meat
• covered over a slow meat bake

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