No sales are shipped until full payment has arrived 

We pack carefully. In keeping with our green attitudes we recycle clean packaging where possible. Parcels are then taken into our nearest major town for delivery.


The fees. There is a flat rate of $15 per order plus GST for the Eastern states.  A $10 handling fee plus GST is added.

Shipping services. All eastern state orders go via the franchised system of Fastway. As individual businesses Fastway branches take delivery seriously. They keep to deadlines, take care of the products and all products are insured. They are our preferred courier. Some areas are not fully covered by Fastway and these are courier on using their systems. Large orders are packed in parcels that are limited to 25kg for OH&S reasons. All parcels are insured by Fastway.

Contact us

If you have any enquires please contact us

In particular contact us for shipping costs including:

Western Australia, Northern Territory and South Australian orders
Pallet and other bulk orders
International orders
Anything you want to check about the nature of our products
The goods are not satisfactory (see below)

  Time taken for orders to arrive

After receiving your payment, Australian orders can take between 2 – 7 working days depending on  the address  Expect delays in Christmas and New Year. We contact you by email  if we anticipate delays


Faulty goods  

Inspect the goods thoroughly when the courier arrives if that is possible. Do not sign if the item purchased is damaged, faulty, or incorrect. In this situation the goods can be left with the courier.

 If you discover a problem after the courier has left  we accept responsibility for the problem if you contact us by phone or email Wymah Organic Olives and Lamb within 48 hours of delivery.