Wymah organic extra virgin olive oil

2021 Australian Olive Industry Awards

Exciting News!
The results are in for the 2021 Australian Olive Industry Awards, and we’re thrilled this year to announce that we were awarded GOLD and BRONZE medals.

We won…

Gold Medal: Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils (Class 2)

Bronze Medal: Certified Organic Kalamata Olives (Class 14)

The AIOA awards are one of the largest and most comprehensive olive oil and table olive competitions in the world and are all about uncovering olive oils and olives with the highest quality and flavour, along with recognising production excellence.

After last year winning several golds for our table olives (Best in Category, Best in Australia and Best Olives Both Hemispheres), we were proud this year to win for our Mid Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  As as a small local operator, this is the first batch I’ve personally pressed so it made this award even sweeter…

Read more about the 2021 Australian International Olive Award.

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In addition to injecting a unique, salty Mediterranean flavor into your favorite dishes, Kalamata olives provide a number of important health benefits. They are full of rich antioxidants and studies link diets including regular servings of olives with a number of impressive results….

  • Reduce risk of heart disease
  • May help reduce onset of Alzheimer’s
  • Nutritious, providing our bodies with…
    • Iron
    • Calcium
    • Copper
    • Vitamin A
    • Vitamin E
    • Magnesium
    • Phosphorus
    • Potassium

Better Homes & Gardens Meets Wymah

Recently, I was very excited to be approached by the team behind Better Homes & Gardens Australia.  They were planning a special focused on the mighty Murray River, and were looking for farms in the area to include.

I was happy to have them (naturally!) and hosted host Johanna Griggs and chef Karen Martini at the farm shortly afterwards.

They were very complimentary about the farm and loved tasting the olives in the brining room, at different stages of fermentation.  Karen Martini even created a beautiful recipe using my lamb and olives, which tasted as good as it looks.

To view the segment and to download Karen’s recipe, please click the image below.

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